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Grand Ave (651) 699-3905
Vandalia St (651) 642-WOOF
University Ave (Capitol) (651) 291-2667

Meet Our Doggy Playmate: Ava at Grand Avenue

If it’s your dog’s dream to chase live prairie dogs all over a meadow, they should sit at the feet of Ava. The Beagle and Boston Terrier mix got through a fence at a dog park in Colorado and into an adjacent prairie dog reserve. She ran back and forth, smiling all the while, as the prairie dogs dove into their holes and popped back out again. Fortunately, a fleet-footed friend was able to catch Ava, who to this day regrets nothing.

ava-the-dog - Dog Days Dog Daycare & Boarding St PaulAva is 15 years old now and not much threat to prairie dogs. She was rescued by the Dumb Friends League in Denver when she was just about a year old. Her mom Elizabeth adopted her despite the fact that Ava was more interested in sniffing the meeting room than in having anything to do with the human who would give her a new home.

Ava attributes her long life to a dedicated exercise regime of romping with friends and enjoying a human mom who caters to her every whim. Gravy on her food? Yes. Eating the last of the cereal milk? Check. Pizza crust? Always. She keeps mentally sharp by listening to NPR and may engage in a meditation exercise. She’s not willing to say.

Elizabeth describes Ava as sassy, cute, and sweet. You could also throw in “mischievous.” Ava has a record of stealing hats and mittens from strangers at the dog park. She has also climbed a snow pile and jumped the fence at the dog park. She once ruined a cell phone by taking a bite out of it. Just last summer she strolled out the front door when a new fridge was being delivered. And when her mom left her in the car to drop a letter in a mailbox, Ava honked at her. Elizabeth laughs, “I’ll never believe it was an accident.”

ava-with-parents - Dog Days Dog Daycare & Boarding St Paul“All is made well again when she crawls into your lap to get snuggles or take a nap, and those are the best moments of all,” Elizabeth said. You got that right.

Now that she’s older Ava enjoys spending time on the couch watching trashy TV (RuPaul’s Drag Race is a favorite — BeBe Zahara Benet is her role model) or snoozing. She also takes trips to grandma and grandpa’s, where she enjoys being spoiled.

A cat named Pickles shares the house, now. They are roommates at best, but nobody’s fighting. Ava is gracious in sharing her human. And it has nothing to do with being afraid of cats. Nope. Nothing.

ava - Dog Days Dog Daycare & Boarding St Paul

When asked to sum up her escapist, phone-chewing, couch-snoozing, food-motivated, TV-loving best dog friend, Elizabeth only thinks for a moment before saying, “She’s sweet and loving and up for everything. Truly one of a kind.” We completely agree.

Written by Ann Warren of Blue Box Word Service, LLC. Photos provided by Ava’s mom


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