Grand Ave (651) 699-3905
Vandalia St (651) 642-WOOF
University Ave E (Capitol) (651) 291-2667

Grand Ave (651) 699-3905
Vandalia St (651) 642-WOOF
University Ave (Capitol) (651) 291-2667

Dog Training

Training + Daycare Program

Dog Days has partnered with Call of the K9 to give your dog a chance to PLAY & LEARN all in one visit!  

You can (contactlessly) drop your dog off at Dog Days Capitol Location for a day of daycare and training which includes:
  • Playgroup time if they enjoy the company of other dogs, or a comfy suite and lots of staff love if they do not. 
  • 45 minutes of 1:1 training working specifically on your goals with the Call of the K9 Trainer.  You will get a video and an email follow-up after your training session.
How does it work?
1. Choose your package
We offer 3 courses and pricing is inclusive of the day of daycare + the training session. All of our courses, except Enrichment Day, are 4 sessions long. They take place on Monday and Friday two weeks in a row.

Obedience Level 1 – 4 Sessions $328
Sit, Down, Stay, Heel, Come, and Leave it in a low distraction environment

Obedience Level 2 – 4 Sessions $328
Go to place, Heel, Stay, and Leave it with increased distractions

Leash Walking Skills and Drills – 4 sessions $328
Instruction on proper leash handling, attention and focus while on leash, training walks
THIS COURSE INVOLVES WALKING THROUGH THE NEIGHBORHOOD. Dogs are double leashed with two points of contact. However, dog walking involves significantly more risk of escapism than daycare.
Video on day 1 only
Enrichment Day – One session $90
Treat your pup to a day of play with 45 minutes of 1:1 time with a professional training working on enrichment from confidence building, scent work, obstacle course or trick training.
One and done (1 day) = $90 
*Your dog must be social with other dogs and pass Dog Days’ behavior evaluation to be part of “all day play”.  If your dog does not enjoy the company of other dogs, he may chill out in a suite with a stuffed Kong and get potty breaks outdoors and love from the Dog Days staff.
2. Choose your dates
Training + Daycare is available Mondays and Fridays.
3. Register Here Or call (612)770-2520
We use a phone call and an intake form to discuss your training goals.
If you are new to Dog Days:
A. Ensure your dog is up to date on: rabies, distemper combo, and BORDETELLA. You will be asked to have your vet send the records to Dog Days.  Email to: [email protected]  or  fax to: 651.642.9664
B. You will receive a link to complete Dog Days daycare registration for the daycare portion of your dog’s day.


Obedience Training Classes

St. Paul dog training - Dog Days dog daycare & boarding - Call of the K9 Dog TrainingDog Days is hosting dog training classes by Call of the K9.

Call of the K9 provides the full spectrum of training, including group classes and private sessions.  Visit the website to learn more and sign up for classes.