Grand Ave (651) 699-3905
Vandalia St (651) 642-WOOF
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Grand Ave (651) 699-3905
Vandalia St (651) 642-WOOF
University Ave (Capitol) (651) 291-2667

Seeking Dog Day Care in St. Paul?

dog day care | Dog Days Daycare & Boarding St. PaulI am an unrepentant lover of dogs. Unfortunately, work and life interfere with the great joy of watching them have a full-tilt good time, which is why I believe in dog day care.

My dogs spend time with dog friends and humans in a safe place where they can play or relax, whichever their hearts desire, while I deal with human issues. When I have to travel without them, they sleep in suites, play with friends all day, and get breakfast and dinner in bed. Lucky.


If day care or overnight boarding are on your radar, here are some questions to get you started as you search for the right place.


Is the facility clean?

Of course there are busy times, and there may be muddy paw prints, but the place should be generally well kept, and any accident has to be cleaned up and disinfected immediately.

Can I take a tour?

Check out the play and food prep areas, the boarding runs, and where dogs relieve themselves. How often do dogs go out for bathroom breaks? How do the staff handle medication? What can I bring when my dog’s boarding? What is the facility’s procedure in case there’s an accident and my dog is hurt?

Does the facility match what my dog needs?

dog-daycare St Paul, MN-Dog Days Daycare & BoardingHigh-energy dogs and shy dogs should have separate places to enjoy their respective personalities. Good day care and boarding facilities put together different play groups and lodging arrangements to match the energy and social needs of the dogs in their care, and will find a good fit for your dog.

Are the staff happy to be there? If the people are impatient or seem overly annoyed with answering questions, they aren’t enjoying their work.

What’s the ratio of humans to dogs?

Look for a ratio of 1 person per 15 dogs.

Almost all dogs can benefit from day care, but it takes a little homework on our part to set everyone up for success. Let them snooze or wrestle the stuffing out of each other by day, and you will reap the rewards of a happy, tired, fulfilled dog in the evening.

This article was written by Ann Warren and originally appeared in the October, 2017 edition of Minnesota Women’s Press. Ann Warren is a Saint Paul-based writer and editor. Contact her at [email protected]

Dog Days Daycare & Boarding provides thе ultimаtе safety tо your dеаr dоg. Our clients have trusted us to take care of their dogs for over 14 years. You can see our 5 Star Reviews on Google and Facebook to hear what our clients share about their experiences with us.

Dog Days Daycare & Boarding givеѕ уоur реt special care and safe ѕосiаl outlet while offering уоu mеntаl реасе.

We would love the opportunity to meet you and your dog, give you a tour and learn more about how we can help you and your pet. Please give us a call at one of our 3 locations, we look forward to proving ourselves to you.


Three convenient St. Paul locations

Our “Capitol location”:
350 University Avenue E
St. Paul, MN55101
email: [email protected]

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Located just off of 35E, near Hwy 94 (east of Regions Hospital)

Our “Vandalia location”:
880 Vandalia Street
St. Paul, MN55114
651.642.WOOF (9663)
email: [email protected]

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I-94 to Cretin-Vandalia exit; north on Vandalia, go approximately 1/2 mile.

Our “Grand location”:
1752 Grand Avenue
St. Paul, MN55105
(651) 699-3905
email: [email protected]

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Located west of Snelling Ave, between Wheeler & Fairview

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