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Vandalia St (651) 642-WOOF
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Grand Ave (651) 699-3905
Vandalia St (651) 642-WOOF
University Ave (Capitol) (651) 291-2667

Have you thought about possibly having your dog spend the day at a dog daycare center? Today there are so many different support services and advances for pet owners. The positive is that this allows some great opportunities for the pet owner. However with such astonishing growth and demand, some services fall short. So finding the best ones to support you and your lovely dog(s) has become a huge task. Finding the best dog day care center definitely falls in that category.

3 Reasons to Take Your Dog to Daycare

dog day care | Dog Days Daycare & Boarding St. PaulThere are a few reasons why you should consider taking your dog to a daycare facility. If your dog likes to tear things up when they are bored, alone or stressed, that’s a good reason. Socialization with other dogs and people, that’s another one. But probably the biggest reason to have your dog hang out with other dogs is because, well honestly it’s guilt.

Sorry to shine a light on that, but we completely understand how you could feel bad for leaving our dogs at home all day while you’re at work. And then what if you want to hit a yoga class or happy hour afterwards – our loved little guys (gals) are always on our minds and yes the guilt rushes in.

Stop The Guilt

So why not get rid of your guilt AND let your dog have a super fun day being loved and playing with Ben the bull dog and his friend FiFi the goldendoodle. Heck, go enjoy taco Tuesday with the gang then pick up your sweetheart and watch them fall asleep with a smile on their furry face sitting next to you on the couch.

Only the Best Dog Daycare Will Do

So then how do you go about finding the best dog daycare operation for you and your dog; how do you begin to choose? Of course your dog is worth the investment, you just want to find a place that truly cares about the dogs, pays attention to their needs and has a clean facility.  

Indisputably in St. Paul, MN, the best dog daycare facility for your dog is Dog Days with 3 very convenient locations.

Dog Days St. Paul dog daycare & boarding 651-642-9663Here at Dog Days, we take our responsibilities seriously. We are all dog lovers and treat each dog as if it were our own, we believe that every dog should receive the special attention and care required for their individual needs.  Without a doubt, having your dog stay in an environment that is healthy and happy for them is a big deal that can’t be neglected.

Dog Days St Paul facilities are wide, roomy and a clean place where you can take your dog while having peace of mind that your dog is being taken care of and in a safe environment. We have committed to investing in our staff, providing an intimate and small dog to staff ratio allowing for plenty of attention and care for each dog. Your dog will without a doubt enjoy the available belly rubs, occasional treats and rolling play. You will also find modern, well maintained equipment and facilities to provide safety and confidence.

Dog Days Daycare & Boarding provides thе ultimаtе safety tо your dеаr dоg. Our clients have trusted us to take care of their dogs for over 14 years. You can see our 5 Star Reviews on Google and Facebook to hear what our clients share about their experiences with us.

Dog Days Daycare & Boarding givеѕ уоur реt special care and safe ѕосiаl outlet while offering уоu mеntаl реасе.

We would love the opportunity to meet you and your dog, give you a tour and learn more about how we can help you and your pet. Please give us a call at one of our 3 locations, we look forward to proving ourselves to you.


Three convenient St. Paul locations

Our “Capitol location”:
350 University Avenue E
St. Paul, MN55101
email: [email protected]

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Located just off of 35E, near Hwy 94 (east of Regions Hospital)

Our “Vandalia location”:
880 Vandalia Street
St. Paul, MN55114
651.642.WOOF (9663)
email: [email protected]

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I-94 to Cretin-Vandalia exit; north on Vandalia, go approximately 1/2 mile.

Our “Grand location”:
1752 Grand Avenue
St. Paul, MN55105
(651) 699-3905
email: [email protected]

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Located west of Snelling Ave, between Wheeler & Fairview

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